Christmas in Zumbro Falls Festival

Zumbro Falls 2021 Christmas OrnamentGood News! The Christmas in Zumbro Falls Festival will be celebrated on December 11, 2021.

  • Christmas Lighting Contest – Five best displays of lights within the city limits will each be awarded $100 dollars each; this includes both residential and businesses.
  • Christmas Ornaments – $10 each, sold at The Local Pizzeria and Neptune Bar.

Celebrate with us this Christmas Season. Check out the Festival Event Schedule; let’s make the Holidays special together.

Zumbro Falls Christmas Festival

2020 Lighting Contest Winners

Winners! The winners of the 2020 Zumbro Falls Holiday Lighting Contest are Dana Oelkers, Eric and Jessica Winters, Joshua Defrang, Paul Bankers and Virginia Westlie. Congratulations! Thank you for making the holidays a little brighter in Zumbro Falls.

2020 Lighting Contest

Brighten the 2020 Holidays with Lights! Zumbro Falls will hold the Christmas lighting  contest this year. Businesses and Residents within city limits can participate. There will be 5 $100 winners chosen the 2nd weekend of December. Due to covid concerns, Christmas in Zumbro Falls remains cancelled this year. Join us in spreading some holiday cheer.

10 Years Since the 2010 Flood

Today marks 10 years since the 2010 flood that devastated Zumbro Falls. Homes and  businesses were lost while the downtown was hit with the worst flooding in city history. Zumbro Falls survived. While most businesses and residents rebuilt, found housing and remained within the City, tough choices were made. Sadly others were forced to move on. Visit the City website News and History page to remember more. Zumbro Falls Strong!

5 Year Anniversary of the 2010