Consumer Confidence Report


The consumer confidence report has been completed for the City of Zumbro Falls. We will not be mailing or publishing this report, but it can be made available to the public on request by contacting the City Clerk, Susan Eischens, at 507-753-2131.

Zumbro Falls Fire Department

On December 14th ,1907 28 men with probably very little firefighting experience and very little firefighting equipment indicated they would serve and protect the community of Zumbro Falls 116 years ago this was the start of the Zumbro Falls Fire Department I am looking for donations to make sure these 28 men get theirs name engraved on the granite wall at our Home Town Heros Memorial make checks out to the city of Zumbro Falls send them to Bruce Heitmann 467 Christina Ct Zumbro Falls ,Mn 55991 any questions call me 507-208-0708 Thank You.

Wall Engravings

Good morning if you are a retired member of the Zumbro Falls fire dept or a member that would want their name engraved on the wall there are dispensers located by the memorial fill it out and send to the appropriate person a reminder you have to have 5 years or more on the department there is also a dispenser for the VFW at the memorial both dispensers are labeled.

Recycling Challenge

The Zumbro Falls Lioness/Lions are pleased to announce they recently teamed up with the Trex Company for the recycling challenge which has been in place since 2006.  The object is to educate the public on the importance of plastic film recycling. When you donate your plastic film to Trex®, not only are you helping to keep thousands of pounds of waste out of landfills, you’re also helping Trex® to continue to make eco-friendly outdoor products.  The goal is to collect 500 pounds of plastic in a six month period and the Lioness/Lions will in turn receive a eco-friendly bench.

Two collection containers are in place in Zumbro Falls that you can drop your plastic off. One is at the Neptune and the other at the Zumbro Liquor, located at BP gas station.
Please help us reach our goal and start saving today!