Bridge Restoration Completed

Bridge restoration is completed on County Road 68, Zumbro Falls, Mn. The project began in April and was completed this past week, July 2020. County Road 68 is open for traffic once again. Enjoy a ride to check it out.

Donated Masks

Zumbro Falls says Thank you to everyone that donated masks on April 25th at the Zumbro Falls Fire Hall. The mask drive was a state wide effort to make homemade masks available to those that need them during the Covid19 pandemic. The ZFFD collected 109 masks and received messages, posted on their door, Thanking them for their efforts and service during this unprecedented time. Masks and messages greatly appreciated!

Bridge Restoration

Bridge Restoration continues on County Road 68 in Zumbro Falls. The project began in April and will be completed in July, weather permitting. Planning began in 2014. County Road 68 is closed until project completion.

There’s A Big Void in Zumbro Falls

There’s A Big Void in Zumbro Falls
A Tribute to Dan Preble
By Dori Klein

The city of Zumbro Falls was shocked the week of October 7 with the sudden death of a pillar of the community, Dan Preble. Disbelief ran rampant and there were no words that could be found to describe the deep sense of loss that was being felt.

Dan was friendly, gregarious and had a bigger than life persona. He seemed to enjoy life and people in turn seemed to enjoy his company. According to his obituary he liked to fish, snowmobile and go on ranger rides. He was friendly and seemed to be ready to have a good time at a moment’s notice.

But he had a serious side to him too. He was the Chief of the Zumbro Falls Fire Department and he tackled his job with integrity and professionalism. He would readily know the numbers and the answers to the questions at the annual Fire Department meeting that was held with the townships. And if, by some slight chance he didn’t know the answer he sought out someone who did. He had a “take charge” attitude, but he was also able to look at different options, give others a chance or give them credit for a job well done. It was evident that members of the fire department had complete and utmost respect for him.

As a reporter for the Mazeppa-Zumbro Falls Messenger he was often the “go to” guy that I called for information about the fire department. He was a great resource. He returned my calls promptly, provided me with the information I needed and was also helpful in explaining things I didn’t understand. And though I called him many times, there are three things that he did and/or said that stand out to me.

One was his leadership during the 2010 flood. With him in charge, the fire department took on the unsurmountable task of trying to save many of the buildings as the flood waters rose, and when that proved futile, of getting people to safety. All the while, I might add, while his own home was flooding.

The second memory that stands out for me is when the fire department took part in a fundraising event for former fireman, Scott Deobald. At that time Deobald was going through cancer treatments and had lost all of his hair. Several firefighters raised about $4,000 and had their heads shaved in front of Scooter’s Bar. Last in line was Dan. Once his hair was shaved the chants began, “shave the mustache.” He was pretty reluctant to let his “signature” mustache go, but all of a sudden he seized the moment and raised another $200 before having it shaved off. Yup, he was always game to helping out his comrades whenever he could.

According to assistant fire chief, Bruce Heitmann, Dan had been a fireman for over 30 years and he had been chief for the last eight.

The third memory I have of him also relates to the flood. I interviewed him and his wife Kelly as they reflected on the one year anniversary of the flood. During the interview Dan stated that he felt as if he had “let his family down” during the flood. As a result, they made the decision to demolish their home and move up on top of the hill in Zumbro Falls. For him, he said, it was a way to “keep Kelly safe.” From his comment it was evident to me that he truly was a family-first man.

Yes, I think we can all agree that the passing of Dan Preble has left a void – not only for his family, but for the Zumbro Falls Fire Department and the entire community of Zumbro Falls. Sincere sympathy is extended to Kelly and his family, to members of the Zumbro Falls Fire Department, and to the many friends he leaves behind.

Rest in Peace Dan Preble. You’ve earned it.

The Salsa Guy

Zumbro Falls welcomes THE SALSA GUY, a new business in the City. It is located at 410, Hwy 60 in Zumbro Falls.

Grand Opening will be October 10-13th, hours – Thursday & Friday 1:00-7:00pm, Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm and Sunday 10:00am-3:00pm.

Normal hours of operation are Friday and Saturday 10:00am-2:00pm. Daryl Boettcher 507-398-3540.

To learn more about the Business visit

The Salsa Guy

Zumbro Valley Food Shelf

The Zumbro Valley Food Shelf will officially open on Tuesday, January 15th at 11:00am. This is located at South Troy Wesleyan Church, 56817 Hwy 63, Zumbro Falls, MN.

The hours will be Tuesdays 11:00am – 5:00pm and Thursdays 11:00am – 6:00pm.

Donations and volunteers are greatly appreciated. For more information contact Pastor Colleen Hoeft at 507-259-1442 or

Thank You For Your Service

“Thank You” for your service.

Zumbro Falls January 2017 City Council meeting welcomed incoming council members and thanked out going members.

Bruce Heitmann begins his first term as Mayor. Sarah Jackson will serve as a Council member and Sue Eischens continues her service as City clerk.

Al VanDeWalker retires after 24 ½ years as Mayor of Zumbro Falls. As Mayor, he began serving in 1990 and terms ran consecutively thru 2010. He stepped back in to fill a mayoral vacancy in 2012 and completed two more terms. Looking back in history, beginning 1898 thru 2016, Al served as Mayor longer than anyone before him (Zumbro Falls Centennial Book, City Government information-chapter 4). Zumbro Falls has seen many challenges and changes during these years. Al’s leadership, dedication, determination, perseverance and hands on approach has surely been an asset to our community. Thank you!

Thank you to Kelly Preble for serving a term as a Council member.