City Government

Below is a listing of your local city government, as well as their contact information.

Office Name Phone
Mayor Bruce Heitmann 507-208-0708
Clerk Susan Eischens 507-753-2131
Treasurer Sarah Jackson 507-993-9518
Council Member Missy VanDeWalker 507-753-2710
Council Member Fern Axelson 507-753-3133
Zumbro Falls City Hall   507-753-2423
Fire Chief Dan Preble 507-273-5178
Planning & Zoning
Building Administrator
Sarah Jackson 507-993-9518
Mowing and Maintenance
Maintenance Assistant
Bruce Heitmann
Audrey Mueller
Law Enforcement Lake City Police and
Wabasha County Sheriff
Zumbro Falls
Official Posting Locations
Falls Standard
Zumbro Falls City Hall
Zumbro Falls Post Office

Katie Kurtti, Sue Eischens, Fern Axelson, Bruce Heitmann, Sarah Jackson, Missy VanDeWalker