ZRV History and News

Zumbro Falls is located in the Zumbro River Valley. This valley area encompasses the Zumbro River from Lake Zumbro to the Mississippi at Kellogg, Mn. It also follows the length of Hwy 60 from Hwy 52 near Zumbrota to Hwy 61 to the east. The ZRV offers many opportunities; such as, a look back at the valley history, information and news as we move forward. Let’s explore!

The Zumbro Parkway Bridge

The Zumbro Parkway Bridge, #3219, Preservation has been completed. The project was started in April 2020 and completed in...

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Al VanDeWalker Retires as Mayor

Al VanDeWalker retires after 24 ½ years as Mayor of Zumbro Falls. As Mayor, he began serving in 1990...

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Zumbro Falls – Water Tower, Water and Sewer Project 2006

The City of Zumbro Falls marks the 10th anniversary of the city water tower and water distribution project this...

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Barn Quilt/Valley Giant Art Tour

The Barn Quilts/Valley Giants projects are a part of the Zumbro Valley Art Tour Projects. The goal is to...

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New City Business Sign

The City of Zumbro Falls has added a city business sign, it is located along Hwy 63. Local businesses...

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5 Year Anniversary of the 2010 Flood

Zumbro Valley Disaster Recovery from Flight Creative Media on Vimeo. Video narrator – Al VanDeWalker, Mayor. September 24th is...

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