Fire Chief Retires from ZFFD

The City of Zumbro Falls recognizes Bruce Heitmann, Fire Chief, for 43 years of dedication and service to our Community.

Bruce Heitmann has retired from the Zumbro Falls Fire Department ending over 43 years of true dedication, sacrifice & service on his part. Always there to help when needed, Bruce has served as Assistant Fire Chief and Fire Chief, a staple in the Zumbro Falls Fire department’s leadership, culture and all emergency scenes. His knowledge, professionalism, and experience has directly saved many lives!
Thank you for everything you have done and passed on to make ZFFD strong and for keeping our communities safe!

We wish you the best of everything as you retire, enjoy some much deserved R & R.
You will be missed Chief!

Bruce shared the following –
Today, December 31, 2021, is my last day responding to calls. Beginning at midnight tonight comes to an end of 43 years in the fire service. My mind tells me I am still 21 but my body tells me enough is enough, this has been quite a ride. I have worked and met with a lot of great firefighters a share many memories “Thank you” everyone.
This too is worth sharing, I don’t think there is a Fire Department out there that could top this one last Saturday. The Zumbro Falls Fire Department had a Retirement Party Open House to celebrate my retirement of 43 years in the fire service. Some of you might not know that I had the pleasure of delivering two babies in my career; one alongside of the road, a baby girl, and the other was in a snow storm. The ambulance was delayed getting to the address, a baby boy. This was 26 years ago and after the ambulance took them I never heard from them again. The guys on the department were able to track both of them down. To my surprise they walked in to my retirement party! I don’t care who you are, it brought tears to my eyes. To all the people who came “Thank You” and to the ZFFD “you knocked it out of the park!” What a Retirement Party, I challenge any department to top that, Lol.
Bruce Heitmann