Zumbro Falls – Buckman Coulee Park Project receives $1000 Lift

Vicky Fick of the Greater Lake City Community Foundation presented a $1,000 check to Zumbro Falls Mayor Al VanDeWalker for the Buckman’s Landing park project in Zumbro Falls. Lawrence Svien is the executive director of the Zumbro Watershed Partnership. Other project partners include the City of Zumbro Falls, the Center for Changing Landscapes (University of Minnesota), the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Conservation Corps of Minnesota and the Southeast Regional Sustainable Development Partnership (University of Minnesota).

See more at: http://www.lakecitygraphic.com/community/zf-park-gets-1000-lift

More Trees

treeThe City of Zumbro Falls has added more trees to the landscape, Hwy 63 along the Buckman Coulee Drainage Channel. Check it out, turning green space into city beautification!

Zumbro Falls National Night Out – City Picnic

Zumbro Falls National Night Out – City Picnic was held on Wednesday, August 5, 2015. Lots of good food, family and friends enjoying time together. The Zumbro Falls Fire Department had a fire truck on display and a Wabasha County Deputy joined the picnic. Hot dogs, Lemonade and Root Beer Floats were provided and complimented the potluck meal. Thank you to everyone attending, great picnic.


Pickleball? Zumbro Falls is playing the Game. Thank you to Daryl and David Bluhm for painting the (basketball) court and providing the net, set of paddles and ball. Anyone interested in playing the game may use the equipment. The key to access the equipment is available at Rod’s Service and is only given out to an adult. Learn something new, exercise more and enjoy the out of doors. Win, win situation. Need Pickleball Rules? Visit http://pickleball.com/pages/rules-how-to-play-the-game

2014 Drinking Water Report

drinkingwaterThe Consumer Confidence Report for the City of Zumbro Falls – 2014 Drinking Water Report is now available upon request. No contaminants were detected at levels that violated federal drinking water standards. Copies of this report are available by contacting City Hall at 507-753-2423.

Apple & Pear Trees

appletreeThe Zumbro Falls Community Gardens has added 2 pear trees and 4 apple trees around the garden area.  These trees will mature and produce fruit to share with those visiting the city park, out for a walk, working in the gardens and others. Enjoy a healthy treat!

Green Space Committee Ends

The Zumbro Falls Green Space Committee have completed their goals. The committee has ended and invites their members to join the Park Committee. New members are always welcome. Contact Missy at 507-753-2710 for more information.