Zumbro Falls – Water Tower, Water and Sewer Project 2006

PostBulletinZFWaterProjectThe City of Zumbro Falls marks the 10th anniversary of the city water tower and water distribution project this summer – 2016. The project cost was about $2 million.

The city council and residents were faced with tough choices. It was clear the current system was failing and no longer provided safe water for the city. Decisions were made to move forward and replace both the ground reservoir and the water system. Not only was the project costly for the small city and its 177 residents but construction proved difficult. A large rock cutting machine was brought in to cut thru the rock in order to position the water/sewer lines. Residents endured impassible roads during the construction.

The water tower was built first and the distribution lines followed. The construction completion in the fall of 2006 provided safe water and allowed a housing development to move forward within the city.