Zumbro Valley Foundation


The Zumbro Valley Foundation serves the Zumbro River Valley. The objective is to make the Zumbro Valley a better place to live. This means a place where your children and grandchildren will want to live, work and enjoy the natural beauty of the valley. We want to make the Zumbro Valley inviting to visitors and give them a reason to come here, to live, to play, and to begin businesses. This valley area encompasses the Zumbro River from Lake Zumbro to the Mississippi at Kellogg, Mn. It also follows the length of Hwy 60 from Hwy 52 near Zumbrota to Hwy 61 to the east. The river valley offers many opportunities just waiting to be explored. Zumbro Falls is one of the communities sharing the Zumbro (River) Valley. Help us invest in the future. Act now, before March 24, 2014, to make a difference. To learn more visit  www.zumbrovalley.com  If you have any questions or are interested in joining the efforts of the Zumbro Valley Foundation, please contact Brett Olson at 612-910-7601 or send an email at zvfoundation@gmail.com for more information.